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One morning God impressed to me a picture of Goofy, the character from Disney who's friends with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, holding many colorful balloons in his hand. Then, as if to contrast the difference, my eyes instinctively went to a portion of the picture where the balloons, instead of held, are released and soaring up in the sky.

Sometimes letting go seems that way. Balloons are beautiful you want to keep them, in all colors if you wish. But then they become more wonderful and at times breathtaking when they just float up in the air, as high as balloons can fly the way they were designed to do. They bring a noticeable color that is in contrast to the sky which tends to remain in hues of blue, white, orange, or purple sometimes, which I just happened to witness last month.

Some things or people in our lives perhaps God is asking us to release - a loved one, property, sin, a child, or dreams. These things or people become more beautiful when our hands are free to loose …

A Believer's Process of Transformation

Framework:  Discipleship Class, 2012
Photo Credits:  Truth, Cross, Victory,

Encouragement from Oppression

Last night, I felt God's smile and joy as sons and daughters have come home. God is so happy and if God is happy, I am thankful.
Nevertheless, we have to address a need of people, which is to recover and heal from oppression, people would call these days as "bullying."

Bullying indeed is not a light issue. I had been bullied in different parts of my life before, by people I knew and people I did not know so much. I repressed a lot of my pain and it resulted in depression and some of my negative habits that I turn to make sure I don't get bullied again.

I have projected my "bullies" on unknown people and that's when I knew the trauma has been repressed.

While I have come to terms with my own pain about it, I use my experience to comfort others who have been through more than I had.

The personal justice I got from God, without hurting my offender but letting God bring out the truth of the matter as He healed me, made me feel secure in God. I learned …

Renewing God's Call and Purpose

I have been thinking about fulfilling our purpose for our workplaces lately. Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life book had really made a mark on me. I believe deep down we have that hunger to know that we are making a difference, that we matter, and that the world is better off because we were in it. When I read that book 8 years ago, little did I know that this would be what I would do one day. I had to discover it a little at a time.

While our perceived purposes may be different, the sense of purpose gives much life to our work. I have heard of a presentation lately where the executive's main idea was to make the workplace a fulfilling environment for his employees. That sounds like a good purpose.

It might sound simple but when we're in the right place where God wants us to serve, with the talents that He has given us and we're doing each one well, applying His Word to work as if we're working unto the Lord, and not men, we are already fulfilling part of God's …

Post-Easter Message

I've been using a dual-purpose laptop for about a month or so. Though I know it has both a keyboard/trackpad interface and a touch screen display, I stuck to the keyboard/trackpad input as a primary means to get my work done.

Just today, out of circumstance, I was reminded of its touch screen input. I now tried to use my hand to go around apps and websites and use the keyboard for typing.

I realized "Wow, this laptop was really made for a touch screen interface. It is very sensitive to your press (even a light one) and it was a fast and accurate experience."

I'm like "Whoah! I can use both to get my job done."

The thing is I had to rediscover this laptop's features before I began to use it in a way that maximizes its benefits to me.

So many times we don't realize that God has already given us everything we need in our Christian walk through His finished work on the cross, the Holy Spirit, and one more instrument He gave to us on earth, it's the B…

Valentine's Message

Lately, God has been speaking and teaching my soul about relationships. I don't know if because it's Love Month or whichever.

It all started when God allowed something to test me and how I will respond and what learning I will gain from it. And while I cannot tell the complete story of events, the learning I got from that whole two months is this:

Real love is demonstrated. Yes, there are times when prayer and seeking God for His wisdom is good. But real relationships are not spurned out of those alone. The real relationships happen when true Christ-like love is demonstrated.

Sometimes, as a single lady, we (or I) can go overboard about spiritual signs and wonders. That old-time joke of "Siya na ba? Siya na ba?" (English: Is he the One? Is he the One?) But God would balance that now by saying true love is not just about those things. The person really has to demonstrate that he loves you with the love of Christ. It should show not just in his words but in his actions…

The Power of God to Forgive and Save

Cyber attacks and cybersecurity have come at the forefront as this century's new crime concern. Hackers get into the system of an enterprise, government, or personal device and steal classified data, customer identifications such as personal and card information, and if they can, render systems corrupted or inoperable, causing dollars of money on lost data, operations and people's identities.

Last year was such a year. And it caused people money, liability (in the form of lawsuits), unstable systems and more money – to invest in more secure systems.

The first message I believe from God on this situation is:

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."
John 10:10

The last month, in the midst of many good happenings in my life by the grace of God, I experienced some unholy thoughts that would disturb me, make me uncomfortable and wishing I could get them out of the way.

From like staring into my own f…