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Post-Easter Message

I've been using a dual-purpose laptop for about a month or so. Though I know it has both a keyboard/trackpad interface and a touch screen display, I stuck to the keyboard/trackpad input as a primary means to get my work done.

Just today, out of circumstance, I was reminded of its touch screen input. I now tried to use my hand to go around apps and websites and use the keyboard for typing.

I realized "Wow, this laptop was really made for a touch screen interface. It is very sensitive to your press (even a light one) and it was a fast and accurate experience."

I'm like "Whoah! I can use both to get my job done."

The thing is I had to rediscover this laptop's features before I began to use it in a way that maximizes its benefits to me.

So many times we don't realize that God has already given us everything we need in our Christian walk through His finished work on the cross, the Holy Spirit, and one more instrument He gave to us on earth, it's the B…