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The following is a series of random prophesies that I believe God is speaking to me and could be for other people. It is not arranged in a particular manner but is meant to flow from conversation as if He were Himself speaking.
Here it goes..
Jesus is in the reversal business. Reversing the enemy's work. Truth to lie, restoration to destruction, blessing to curse, peace to confusion, healing to disease, covering to disgrace, hope to hopelessness, life to death, immortality to mortality, prosperity to poverty, enlightenment to spiritual blindness, happiness and joy to sorrow, unity over division, courage over fear, strength for weakness, grace for condemnation, relationship over religion, worth over shame, godliness over unrighteousness, belief over unbelief, justice over injustice, love over hate, power over the grave, extraordinary over ordinary, intelligence over stupidity, wisdom over foolishness, perfection out of imperfection, control over chaos, character out of chameleon, sub…