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Valentine's Message

Lately, God has been speaking and teaching my soul about relationships. I don't know if because it's Love Month or whichever.

It all started when God allowed something to test me and how I will respond and what learning I will gain from it. And while I cannot tell the complete story of events, the learning I got from that whole two months is this:

Real love is demonstrated. Yes, there are times when prayer and seeking God for His wisdom is good. But real relationships are not spurned out of those alone. The real relationships happen when true Christ-like love is demonstrated.

Sometimes, as a single lady, we (or I) can go overboard about spiritual signs and wonders. That old-time joke of "Siya na ba? Siya na ba?" (English: Is he the One? Is he the One?) But God would balance that now by saying true love is not just about those things. The person really has to demonstrate that he loves you with the love of Christ. It should show not just in his words but in his actions…