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The Interdependence of Men and Women

I write this piece The Interdependence of Men and Women in the context of a healthy thriving society, not yet in the context of marriage and relationships, although I may touch just a small part of it.

As I went home last night, I feel that God allowed me to experience a temporary sense of weakness, the feeling of needing strength or a boost of faith and encouragement. It made merealize my own vulnerabilities and how the men were naturally designed to partner with us to boost our morale and create a healthy thriving and balanced society.

As a single woman, my source of strength is really my God. I have no husband yet so God is really the source of my strength. But sometimes just because God has filled me with enough strength each day, I forget my own vulnerabilities. And personally being single, I do forget sometimes that there are real men, brothers in the faith or wherever that God also designed to help us.

God had me realize in a very real way His masculine heart - how we women nee…

What Are You Willing to Fight For?

Before I went off for the movies last Friday, God was making clear to me what my mission was and zoning me in on the things I was made to do and not do so I don't step out of bounds.

Boundaries are a good thing. They help me to be clear on what efforts will pull me to my mission and what will pull me away from it.

In however short or long this span of life, I need to be clear on the things I will and will not do to keep me from being sidetracked and maximize the purpose for the life that God has for me.

Last Friday, I watched The Monuments Men. It's about this group of men, art curators, who got involved in World War II because they wanted to save priceless artifacts from being destroyed by the Nazis. It was performed by George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and other wonderful actors. For me it was a good history lesson into something I did not know and I appreciate it for the unique purpose it was trying to do.

These men were ordinary men and they gave me a picture into …