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Encouragement for the Angry

I wonder to myself what about the scene at the temple that Jesus saw that made him angry (Luke 19:45-47). And what about the scene at Calvary that made him compliant, willing and submissive even if He had every right to be angry. What was the difference?

And I understand it wasn't about the difference. It was about a common factor that each compelled in him different responses. Jesus was controlled by a common denominator called being submissive to the Father's will.

In the first scene where He threw over the merchandise of people selling in the temple, Jesus was angry because they were keeping His people and Gentiles from coming into His house by their overcharged selling of animals. He implied that His Father's house shall be a house of prayer, not a den for robbers. The people who were selling animals for sacrifice were not that honest, either charging big fees or selling sickly animals. And so Jesus was angry (Source: Victory Christian Fellowship).

In the second scene,…

When Does a Girl Become a Woman?

I have this question for women. When did you know that you were already a woman? That you're not a girl anymore, nor a lady, but a full-pledged adult female who has grown into maturity.

When I think of a woman, I think of my mom or the respected female leaders in society. My female bosses maybe. These women to me represent the golden age of womanhood - mature, maximized to their full potential at their chosen fields, women with dual roles and responsibilities.

I used to look at myself and consider the person I'm seeing in the mirror whether she's already a woman. And I thought before how the person I see in the mirror is still a girl, a young lady.

But all that has changed or will change beginning the past weeks. Just because God said so.

One day I was studying and refreshing up on my accounting at a coffee shop when the Lord called me from my heart "My queen." Before it was a princess or a bride, but now it's a queen. I wanted to make sure I was hearing corr…