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Promises Yet To Be Fulfilled

There are some promises of God that are yet to be fulfilled in my life. 

For our nation, I was just refreshed again when I saw a writeup I wrote in my journal around September 4, 2012. This was before Typhoon Haiyan and a number of things. It just refreshed me that God is not yet through with his promises and eagerly wait on God for his promises to pass for our country.

Here it goes:

"Long live the Philippines!
Long live the Pearl of the Orient Seas!
Long live the Islands of Southeast Asia!
Long live the nation of GOD!
Long live the kingdom of Christ!

Long live the reign of justice and righteousness!
Long live clean governance!
Long live fast pace growth in our nation!
Long live kingdom of God!
Long live the Savior and King of this nation - Jesus Christ!

God is going to bring prosperity to this nation!
God is going to bring growth into this country!
God is going to rebuild its walls like you've never seen before!
God is going to establish his people and protect them in their …