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A Believer's Process of Transformation

Framework:  Discipleship Class, 2012
Photo Credits:  Truth, Cross, Victory,

Encouragement from Oppression

Last night, I felt God's smile and joy as sons and daughters have come home. God is so happy and if God is happy, I am thankful.
Nevertheless, we have to address a need of people, which is to recover and heal from oppression, people would call these days as "bullying."

Bullying indeed is not a light issue. I had been bullied in different parts of my life before, by people I knew and people I did not know so much. I repressed a lot of my pain and it resulted in depression and some of my negative habits that I turn to make sure I don't get bullied again.

I have projected my "bullies" on unknown people and that's when I knew the trauma has been repressed.

While I have come to terms with my own pain about it, I use my experience to comfort others who have been through more than I had.

The personal justice I got from God, without hurting my offender but letting God bring out the truth of the matter as He healed me, made me feel secure in God. I learned …

Renewing God's Call and Purpose

I have been thinking about fulfilling our purpose for our workplaces lately. Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life book had really made a mark on me. I believe deep down we have that hunger to know that we are making a difference, that we matter, and that the world is better off because we were in it. When I read that book 8 years ago, little did I know that this would be what I would do one day. I had to discover it a little at a time.

While our perceived purposes may be different, the sense of purpose gives much life to our work. I have heard of a presentation lately where the executive's main idea was to make the workplace a fulfilling environment for his employees. That sounds like a good purpose.

It might sound simple but when we're in the right place where God wants us to serve, with the talents that He has given us and we're doing each one well, applying His Word to work as if we're working unto the Lord, and not men, we are already fulfilling part of God's …