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A Story Behind the White Dress

I recently bought this dress for our "White and Biscuit" party at Singles Camp. What not a lot may know is the story behind the dress.

You see I had 10 dresses to choose from in the store. And when it came down to choosing the final two, that's when I saw the flaw of this dress. Its beads at the collar are missing! Not one, but probably four or five! If people were to look closely, oh my, they might see it missing.

I had a choice to make. Will I or will I not buy this dress?

But for some reason, I still bought it. Because I still like it!

Luckily, the dress was on sale. And I bought it for a lower price than the original.

And I just feel like that's the story of how Christ found us. Flawed. Not perfect. We were sold not at original value but at a lesser value because of our flaws.

And yet, the love of God still purchased us, not because of the good things we have done. But because He still saw our value. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we wer…

Adventures at Singles Camp

Just got back from a 3-day Singles Camp by our local church at a resort in Subic. 
Our church has a vibrant singles community these days and we thank God for the growth, relationships, and blessings He has allowed to come our way.

Our belief is that the Single life was never meant to be boring. It's an adventure with God that you take with Him and other people called to be on the same boat with you. It can be a journey to advance God's kingdom or simply just a journey between people.

I always love the fun and camaraderie I get to experience in these events. I simply see and appreciate the differences and uniqueness in personality, passions, pursuits, vocations. In fact a lot of them do know how to have fun, very much in contrast with my more reflective type of personality. But we do see a common link that binds us together — it's the belief in loving God and loving people.
Our invited speaker was Pastor Dennis Sy of Victory Greenhills, also editor-in-chief of http://actli…

Interconnected Roots and Fruits

What God reveals, He intends to heal, says Sharon Gerlach of Marketplace Leaders. When God reveals something, He intends to heal it.

When He deals with something in our lives, He heals it all down to the roots. Three or four years ago, I was already exhibiting un-Christian-like character. Bitterness has allowed itself to become anger, hatred and pride. My outward attitude was becoming unholy (fruit) even though I professed to be a Christian. When God would heal the external fruit (hatred, anger and pride), I have to deal with the root (forgive), receive forgiveness myself and deal with it.

God's healing is a process. But when He heals it is complete.

Healing is a process. But to be healed, the process also requires cooperation and obedience.

Once the soul has forgotten the true worship of God, that's when we are most susceptible.

If we don't worship the God of truth, and there's only one God of truth, how can we be sure that we are on the side of truth, if from the very…