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Marching to a Different Drumbeat

I spent some ten days of May intentionally loving God's people and the lost. What I learned from it is that people remember a day of love more than several days of no love. People remember a moment of kindness more than multiple days without it.

No wonder people who broke up with their ex-es need time to heal and repair their memories from those days of "love." But that is not the kind of love I am talking about. Just an analogy..

People remember love. It makes a mark. It gives them hope, joy and comfort. It gives them light in a dark world. Some people say that love makes the world go round. I still think though it is about Jesus' love. The world will go round with or without love. It is God's love for us that overcomes the ways of this world.

The world is fleeting and passing. We're marching to a different drumbeat. We're marching to the drumbeat of heaven when we love.

Why do I say this? I walk around a place or in a bus and I know the drumbeat of God…