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Encouragement to Business Owners and People in Marketplace

"God's ways always add value. As our companies approach everything from that perspective, we answer our customer's needs with higher-order solutions. This attitude results in stronger long-term marketing and profitability that honors God.

The greatest opportunity for the people of God to rise above circumstances and show real faith is during times of change and uncertainty."

Source: Burkett, Larry, Howard Dayton and David Rae. Business by the Book Workshop: Student Workbook. Georgia: Crown Financial Ministries, 2005.

Last weekend, I was reviewing the contents of this book and profoundly it has encouraged me to rise above the tide of what is happening in the marketplace today. Corporate uncertainties, government policy implementations, political instability, incoming elections and leaders' new platforms, these are news that all have implications for us. I am thankful for my bosses who have encouraged me to read as much about the world today. You can definitely learn…

Psalm 18:20-24 (The Message)

My new verse is this: 
"God made my life complete
      when I placed all the pieces before him.
   When I got my act together,
      he gave me a fresh start.
   Now I'm alert to God's ways;
      I don't take God for granted.
   Every day I review the ways he works;
      I try not to miss a trick.
   I feel put back together,
      and I'm watching my step.
God rewrote the text of my life
      when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes." 

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Manny Pacquiao and Piolo Pascual

Reflecting on Manny Pacquiao's first defeat since 2005 and another celebrity in the Philippines, Piolo Pascual, who may be on a plateau right now before he reaches another peak in his career, I could not help but think: "It is easy to love someone when he is in his prime. It is easy to be friends or bless someone when they are doing well. It is easy to respect someone when they have accomplished so much and have done so well. Or frankly, it is easy to bless someone when they have done more than we have. But what if they have reached a level where the status is beginning to look uncertain. Will you continue to bless them, love them, be a friend to them and say good about them?" How about people in a lower status than you? A friend who has reached a breaking point and is going through a tough time? Will you find something good to say this person, respect him and love him even during this time? Will you continue to bless him (in words) and in action? Or will you cast one g…

Preparing the Servant

"All the great leaders went through seasons of failure. They became great because those seasons taught them something."
- Donald Miller, @donaldmiller

I would like to refer to a tweet recently by Mr. Donald Miller. Some use Twitter to send an intro tweet about their blog, I plan to use someone else's tweet today as the inspiration for this entry.
Also because it was on my mind too. Recent years have taught me life lessons I never would have learned, lessons that you do not plan to learn, only to realize that you have.
God taught me life differently. Not in the midst of success, but in the midst of seeming failures and defeat, only to come out more encouraging and closer to God than I could imagine.
Before I met Christ, I did not have as much problems that tested the depth of my character. I came from a middle class, well-to-do and complete family. I thought I was a good person and I only wanted what everyone else wanted - a life of meaning and purpose, friends, success, a goo…

Big Journeys Begin With Small Steps

"Journey to God starts with small steps. After that one step at a time, He doesn't expect you to run the mile - but He promises to give you the strength to go the distance."

- Anonymous
Yesterday, God impressed upon my heart, after sleeping for a siesta and waking up, that He made life to function in progression. There's an order of things which means His plans do not come in an instant. That is why He teaches us that waiting on Him is imperative.
Life is a progression. A human and other species start from being a baby. A baby is birthed from the perfect union of two cells - the sperm and the ovum. Holiness for a human being is not immediate but comes in a series of steps. Love does not become complete in an instant but grows over time and experience. Relationships are not built quick but come in stages. That is the order of things. 
That said, only one is complete, perfect in Holiness, and perfect in Love. That is God alone. He never needs to go in progression. He is…