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One morning God impressed to me a picture of Goofy, the character from Disney who's friends with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, holding many colorful balloons in his hand. Then, as if to contrast the difference, my eyes instinctively went to a portion of the picture where the balloons, instead of held, are released and soaring up in the sky.

Sometimes letting go seems that way. Balloons are beautiful you want to keep them, in all colors if you wish. But then they become more wonderful and at times breathtaking when they just float up in the air, as high as balloons can fly the way they were designed to do. They bring a noticeable color that is in contrast to the sky which tends to remain in hues of blue, white, orange, or purple sometimes, which I just happened to witness last month.

Some things or people in our lives perhaps God is asking us to release - a loved one, property, sin, a child, or dreams. These things or people become more beautiful when our hands are free to loose them. And so we will also be - beautiful, magnificent, with lives full of color. We're free to follow our purpose, and trust God with whatever He has in store. It could be a better future for the people we love and a much glorious destiny for us who now believe in God.

Letting go is admittedly not easy. And it's almost impossible to do without some small step of faith - faith that God knows what He is doing, faith that God cares for us more than we can ponder or think about, that faith where even if I don't understand God can still be trusted. That even if I don't know, He knows. And that His plans are always best.

However, as we decide to trust God with something, He would rather that we do it out of love. Picture an event where people smile as the balloons are released. Pretty picture isn't it?

It's that same willingness that God is pleased with and is after in our hearts.

When we let go, God will catch us. All it takes is simple faith.

God will fill in us what was lost. He will provide or accomplish whatever we lack in strength, fortitude, righteousness, obedience, character, endurance, holiness, provision, faithfulness, direction and guidance.

All He asks is your trust. Will you trust Him?

God loves you.