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More Fruitful Ways to Read the Bible

People have different approaches when reading their Bible. Some consider it as a love letter from God. Others are afraid of it. Others don't believe it.

Nevertheless, it lasted this far for a reason. When you are unsure how God may speak, look no further and search the written Word. The point of reading the Bible is to know the Word - in Jesus Christ.

Here are just some advice how to approach the Word of God:

1. Do not fear what it says. Fear is what can stop us from reading. We fear what we do not know. Or we have this picture in our mind of an always angry God like He is after the smallest mistake. The trouble may not be on what it says but on our view of God.

2. Treat His Words as instruction. The Bible contains many wise counsel for right living, keeping us from destructive patterns that will not be for our good.

3. Love the Word. Psalm 119 is a beautiful psalm of the treasure of the Word of God. It is described as more important than treasures of gold, and a lamp and a light to our path.

4. Decree its blessings. The Word of God has many benefits. The Bible is full of promises for reflection, healing and prayer.

5. Consult His Word. If you are unsure of a decision, you can check the advice in the Word on matters of the heart, faith, and others.

6. Believe. Our troubles will not all go away but there will be peace that cannot be explained.

May you have a renewed relationship with God's Word. May your spiritual ears be opened and may you have a personal revival in your heart.

Only God satisfies.